I am Chris Purdie is a performance art piece involving thirty-five performers playing the role of visual artist Chris Purdie. The cast wears the "Chris Purdie uniform" and performs the role as they interact with patrons attending the artist's reception. For the duration of the exhibition, there will be at least one "Chris Purdie" in the gallery during their hours.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sego Lecture Night and Los Hermanos Happening


Please do your best to find the following items for the uniform. It is not necessary to be exactly the same or to have everything as long as we appear to be connected.

DRESS CODE (UNIFORM listed by priority)

1 - Black frame glasses (sources $1-8 at DI, Savers, dollar stores, or at Claire's in malls)

2 - Black knit watch cap beanie ($3-8 available at many locations, for sure at Uncle Sam's Army/Navy)

3 - Black full zip sweatshirt hoodie

4 - Brown pants

5 - Black t-shirt

6 - Black scarf (can be any black material)

7 - Dark Belt

8 - Dark socks

9 - Black shoes

You are invited to participate in a *happening with the cast of I am Chris Purdie on March 26th 8-10pm.

In conjunction with the Sego Art Center's current exhibition of I am Chris Purdie, the monthly evening with the artist lecture and discussion series will be Thursday March 26th 7-8pm. Please come and join in the discussion. As part of the lecture we will all be going, in uniform, to dinner at Los Hermanos (details below).

Next Thursday evening (March 26th) between 8 and 10 pm all involved will transform Los Hermanos from a restaurant into a gallery.

In groups of 2-6, approximately 5-10 minutes apart we will slowly enter the restaurant, fill it with "Chris Purdie's", and eat dinner.

Thinking in terms of the performance and performers as artwork in a gallery, the maitre d’ becomes the curator placing the art in the gallery, and the servers then become the curatorial staff attending to the needs of the art.

The capacity for Los Hermanos is 210 patrons so we need to invite a lot of people to try to fill it.

Guidelines for Performance

1) Please be serious. (this could be seen as a joke or a stunt so we must stay in character - as far as you know we are just there for dinner)

2) Don't acknowledge the fact that everyone is dressed the same - you are "Chris Purdie".

Please RSVP so we may reserve and assign a time slot for you and your party.

Contact Chris with any questions - chrisdpurdie@hotmail.com 801.426.4696

* A happening is a performance, event or situation meant to be considered as art. Happenings take place anywhere, are often multi-disciplinary, often lack a narrative and frequently seek to involve the audience in some way. Key elements of happenings are planned, but artists sometimes retain room for improvisation. (Wikipedia)

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