I am Chris Purdie is a performance art piece involving thirty-five performers playing the role of visual artist Chris Purdie. The cast wears the "Chris Purdie uniform" and performs the role as they interact with patrons attending the artist's reception. For the duration of the exhibition, there will be at least one "Chris Purdie" in the gallery during their hours.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Catalog & Documentary Coming Soon

A twelve page exhibition catalog has been printed in conjunction with the I am Chris Purdie performance.

Catalog Design: Cole Nielsen; Essays: Jill Dawsey Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Utah Museum of Fine Arts; Wade Hollingshaus PhD Assistant Professor of Theatre and Media Arts, BYU; Introduction: Jason Metcalf Sego Art Center Director; Editor: Lynda Palma; Photography Editor: Chad Keyes; Funding: The Laycock Center; Printer: Brigham Young University Print Services; Photography: Leo Patrone, Chad Keyes, Justin Hackworth, James Lyons, Duane Call; Printed in Edition of 200.

Accompanying the catalog is a ten minute film documentary.

Executive Producer: Brandon Kelly; Director: Judy Simmons; Art Director: Chris Purdie; Editor: Tracy Derenthal; Associate Producer:
Cameron Wilbur; Cameras: Spencer Cahoon, Aaron Ogilvie, Travis Pitcher, Andrew Smith, Jarime Billings; Narration Editors: Chad Murphy, Lee Kimball; Narration: Emily Fox, Monson Hayes, Andrew Kosorok, Chris Purdie, Judy Simmons.

I am Chris Purdie (Documentary--2 minute excerpt) from Chris Purdie on Vimeo.

This video is a two minute excerpt from the I am Chris Purdie documentary soon to be released.

More information to come.